The FBX2 series features three FireBoard models that provide exciting innovations in smart thermometer technology. We’ve retained some favorite features from the first generation FireBoard and added outstanding new capabilities.

The FBX2 models are easy to set-up and use through the FireBoard App. Temperature data is stored on the device as well as your FireBoard cloud account. Data is synchronized, so you can view historical and current sessions. Connecting via Bluetooth and WiFi, you can receive alerts from just about anywhere.

FireBoard 2


The FBX2 boasts a large, multi-view graphing LCD screen capable of showing data from up to six probes at once. The side buttons let you toggle displays to see graphs of single or multiple channels. The auxiliary port allows Drive function with the Drive Fan Cable, and the USB Type-C power connector supports higher power voltage for fan operation. With a built-in, weather-resistant case and approximately 30 hours of battery life, the FireBoard 2 will keep your temperature monitoring going strong.

FireBoard 2


The FBX2D includes all the features of the FireBoard 2 with the addition of an integrated Drive technology to maintain precise temperature control via a 12v fan.  The fan plugs directly into the 2.5mm power jack built into the FireBoard.

FireBoard 2 Drive


The FBX2K is the first of our products to include thermocouple capabilities, supporting up to three thermocouple probes. Add to that the large, multi-view screen, integrated Drive support and auxiliary port, the powerful USB-C power connector, and built-in weather resistant case and you’ve got a smart thermometer that’s ready for some serious applications.

FireBoard 2 Pro


No the FireBoard 2 Drive & Pro have built in Drive technology, so they can power a fan directly via the 2.5mm port.

Yes! Every FireBoard (all models) has a built in aux port and the Drive Cable can be used to power a fan.

Not at the moment, but this might be a feature developed in the future via an OTA firmware update.

Yes, the USB-C port is PD (Power Delivery) enabled which means it can shift into a 12V power input, providing plenty of power to run the fan at 100% and also keep the FireBoard 2 running and charged for longer cooks.

The Pro model will be using Type K Thermocouple probes, which provide several key advantages. Type K probes are robust and heavy duty, perfect for rugged use. The connector is also very strong, providing a stable pathway for reading temperature from the probe. Thermocouples can read high temperatures, far higher than thermistors, which is ideal for pizza ovens, wood stoves, or general cooking at higher temperatures. Since Type K Thermocouples are standardized, any Type K probe can work with FireBoard 2 Pro.

No, however we are planning on selling a Base which will have built in magnets. Coming Summer 2020!

FB2 Features


The FireBoard is a digital thermometer designed to operate through your smartphone or through the web, making it easy to track temperature. It can track up to 6 temperatures all at once. It will also alert you via app notification or email to make sure your cook is on track.

It’s the perfect device for around the kitchen, or out on the patio, for grilling and barbecue.  It’s easy to step away yet keep an eye on what you are cooking.  It also connects via Bluetooth® in case WiFi isn’t available.  The FireBoard’s data logging capabilities allow you to view your historical temperature data.  It’s like a fitness tracker for cooking.

What Makes FireBoard Special?

Cloud Connected.  The FireBoard connects via WiFi to our FireBoard Cloud servers, allowing you to monitor temperature remotely via your phone or the web.

Accuracy.  Reliable and accurate temperature readings are key.  With a high quality solid circuit design and accurate Thermistor probes, FireBoard’s accuracy is rated at ± 0.4°C (± 0.7°F).

FireBoard is also a Bluetooth thermometer.  If you don’t have WiFi, you can still use it conveniently within Bluetooth range.

It’s incredibly smart.  All your temperature data is stored both onboard the device and on your FireBoard Cloud account.  Data is synchronized between the two – so you can always view your historical and current cooking.

Setup alerts to notify you via Email or Push notification when your target temperatures are reached.

The FireBoard has a Li-Ion rechargeable battery.  It runs over 24 hours, even pushing data over WiFi!  No need for extension cables to run your thermometer.

And become a better cook by making sure you’re hitting the precise temperatures you need for your meal.


Use the FireBoard Alexa skill to effortlessly check your FireBoard temperatures, or how long you have been cooking!

The FireBoard Alexa Skill is the perfect way to check the temperature of what you are cooking when you are busy preparing other food.  It makes cooking fun with FireBoard!  Use any Amazon Alexa enabled device.

Amazon Alexa


Probe Types


We’ve designed our mobile and web apps to provide a simple and easy way to view your historical cooks.  But you can easily export the data to CSV, either as a single session or an entire archive file of your history.  With FireBoard you always have open access to your data!  Download a sample dataset of the graph above here.


FB2 App


FireBoard sends realtime temperature data to the cloud every 5 seconds, and re-distributes the data so you can view it anywhere.  If you need to head back to the office, or run out to the store, you can track everything remotely.  Alerts can even be setup while you’re away since everything is managed through the FireBoard Cloud.

With FireBoard Cloud the data is YOUR data.  It’s always available to download right to CSV so you have your history.


Even if the FireBoard isn’t able to reach the internet, it can synchronize data to the cloud using a Smartphone’s Bluetooth connection.  This is a handy feature to keep your history available on the cloud, so you can always see what you’ve been cooking.


Setting up the FireBoard is a breeze. Plug in a probe and you’re tracking temperatures. Using the app, connect your FireBoard to WiFi and set up alerts to be notified when you’re out and about!

Setup Sequence
  • Alerts can be configured to be sent via app notification or email
  • Advanced alert functionality such as time buffers & time windows
  • Alerts can be set remotely via the cloud


FB2 Technical Specs
FB2 Features


We decided to use wired probes because they are time tested and robust.  Since the probes are such an important element, we didn’t want them breaking down in extreme heat.  Cooking, grilling and smoking can expose the probes to harsh conditions, and we wanted our solution to work well over the long run.

The FireBoard supports multiple probe types — both Thermistors and RTDs!  Read more about the differences and pros/cons between the probe types here.


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Steven Briggeman has been consulting in the digital space since 2002. He has developed practical tools that are being utilized in a wide range of applications – from Market Research firms, college classrooms, state agencies, and small business. With FireBoard, Steven is able to utilize the depth of his expertise in web technology while also developing new skillsets in developing mobile applications.

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